privatize pri‧vat‧ize [ˈpraɪvətaɪz] also privatise verb [transitive] ECONOMICS
if the government privatizes a company or activity that it owns or operates, it sells the company etc to a business or to members of the public, who become its new shareholder S:

• the Argentine government's drive to privatize a number of businesses

• When it privatized agriculture, Vietnam went from rice-importer to exporter in one growing season.

— compare nationalize
— privatized also privatised adjective :

• the privatised gas industry

* * *

privatize UK US (UK also privatise) /ˈpraɪvɪtaɪz/ verb [I or T]
ECONOMICS, GOVERNMENT if the government privatizes companies and organizations that it owns, it sells them to private investors: »

The conglomerate calls itself the world's largest water company and has been a pioneer in the trend toward privatizing government water services.

Compare NATIONALIZE(Cf. nationalize)

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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